Italian Mozzarella

The most popular and well known cheese from Italy is fresh Italian Mozzarella. It is a very versatile soft cheese with a cream like flavor. Normally the colour of fresh Mozzarella is generally white, it can range to a slightly yellowish colour depending on what the animal consumes.

For centuries this cheese has been produced in central and southern Italy. Derived from the word Italian word mozzare, Mozzarella meaning “to cut off”. The most sought-after mozzarella from Italy, comes in two different forms: one from cow’s milk which is called fior di latte (literally, “the flower of milk”); the other is Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, made from the milk of water buffaloes and is highly regarded as very best type you can have.

Italian mozzarella is only made with Italian Mediterranean buffalo’s milk or cow’s milk, assuming by law different names: 

-” mozzarella di bufala campana “: under this category is the buffalo milk mozzarella cheese produced in the region of Campania, which has a protected designation of origin. This mozzarella was the only one which could simply be called “mozzarella”

-“Mozzarella [which is the brand name] di latte di bufala”: under this category is the buffalo milk mozzarella cheese that does not have the protected designation of origin.

-“Fior di latte” or “mozzarella di latte vaccino” or simply “Mozzarella” indicate the cow’s milk mozzarella.

Usually served the day after it is produced due to the high moisture content, it can be conserve for up to a week it in brine or if it is sold in vacuum-sealed packages even longer.

Perfect to pair in a Caprese salad for a hot summer’s day to being used in a pasta dish to impress your dinner guests. Mozzarella can be enjoyed alongside appetizers or, by itself with a bit of salt. This particular cheese is best served at room temperature. 

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